Ayl'Harn Thandhuri: A tall (6'5"), fair skinned high elven fighter, his long ears poke out from a long mop of fine, raven black hair. His blue eyes bear the wisdom of over a century of life, a thin scar across the bridge of his nose shows that he has had his fair of trouble in the past. His skill with a long sword is considered to be quite formidable, as is his emnity of gnoll raiders of the Great Forest. He has also shown that he and his intelligent flaming sword Angrim can hold their own well against all manner of undead.

Jevin Sellasar: Some would say that thieves are as thick in the eastern city of Edgewood as fleas on a gnoll's hide. Jevin was one of those rogues, cast out from his grandfather's home at a young age, he took to life in the streets. Soon he was "recruited" into the city's Crosstrade Guild (Isorn the Cat, Jevin's teacher and one of the guild's founders, thought it sounded better than thieve's guild) and quickly became one of their better burglars. He left town after the heat from the city watch got a bit warm. Eventually, he fell in with his current lot of comrades and has returned to the city of his youth. After some brief adventures in Edgewood, he and his compatriots were hired to venture north to escort a supply train to the besieged town of Erid's Passing.

Mayah Al-Qadiri: A free spirited lass of exotic looks and equally exotic fighting style. She is recent immigrant to the Empire, originally coming from the dwarf-ruled Caliphate across the Sea of Storms to the south. She was born to a wealthy trading family , and learned her twin scimtar fighting style, eschewing armor in favor of light silks from her mother. Her family was discredited by a rival house, and her family was sold into slavery. Mayah escaped captivity and soon made her way to the empire. Her dark skin and sea green eyes hide a firey spirit, and she has recently come into possession of a valuable weapon with close ties to the Caliph's family, the scimitar "Righteous Thunder".

Phae Tallarin: A woman of budding magical prowess from the western isles. The tainted blood of an ancient serpent race flow in her vein, giving her somewhat scaly skin, and a great resistance to toxins. She was schooled in the arts of Transmutation by a mage from Empire, a spiteful man who showed her the same disdain for her mixed heritage that the Grey Elf nobles showed most humans of the realms. She has finally won her freedom from her former mentor, and now seeks her own fortune and glory.

Teylas Vebril: A striking man with a beautiful tenor voice, this youngster (just shy of a score of years) has spent the last 4 years travelling wherever the winds take him. Along the way, he has learned knowledge, lore and magic from the places he has visited. A Bard by trade, he has relied mostly on his silver tongue and songs for survival. Recently, he had heard tale of a town under seige and decided to travel their to record songs of the valor shown in its defense. It is here that he met his current travelling companions.

Major NPCs:

The Council of the Al'Inari Empire

Elendil: The grey elven high priestess of Leuada in the city of Edgewood. A lovely woman of slender build and almost ankle length silver hair, she is widely respected by all for her wisdom and charity. She is friend to Hadrian and is more than a bit concerned over his occasional crises of faith.

Jearl Hallison: A wealthy caravan master originally from the desolate northen town of Erid's Passing. He has bank-rolled most of the party's adventures to this point. His slight anti-elven prejudice has so far not interfered with any of his business endeavors.

Alan Fenduril: The Storm Lord, commander of the council's most elite fighting unit, the Storm Knights. A quiet half-elf devoted to protecting the citizens of the empire at all costs, he is rumored to have slain an adult dragon in single combat. Those who have seen him and his scimitar in battle can concur with this. His budding friendship with Phae seems likely to be cut short, as he and 20 of his hand-picked soldiers journeyed north from Erid's Passing to venture to Eridan, and sever the head of the undead legions.

Robynalya Desharl: Known as "Robyn" to her friends, this wood elven ranger is tall (6'1"), slender, with a dark bronze tan, coppery red hair and deep green eyes common to her kind. She is soft of voice, though as Jevin can attest to, can curse like a sailor when angered. She usually lets her shortswords do her talking though. She is originally from the wood elf city of Avelias, but after the death of her family by an attack of Bilestoad the Verdant (a notoriously violent green dragon), she has set out to learn the skills needed to slay the beast. To this end, she can usually be found in Jearl's employ, often alongside our party. She has spent most of her time recently either in battle or fending off the amorous advances of halfings and tulari.

Former Party Members, who've left for their own reasons

Hadrian Mallic: A rare human cleric of Leuada, the Silver Lady, goddess of the Moon and mother of the Elven peoples. His voice is firm and commanding, gaining the respect of all around him, including the initially disbelieving elven clergy of his goddess. Word of his valor in battle and charity to the downtrodden has begun to spread to the communities around the Great Forest. After going to the northern town of Erid's Passing and facing the undead hordes besieging it, Hadrian chose to leave the mortal realms, plane shifting to his Goddess's realm in Elysium in an effort to learn more about the nature of himself and his fellow adventurers.

Segewick Tallfoot: A shrewd halfling trader, recently acquainted to rest of this intrepid band of adventurers. Already he has proved his worth to the group with his knowledge of the arcane, the ingenious (some may say reckless) tactics he uses in battle, and the seemingly inborn halfling talent for the larcenous. After leaving the ancient Eridani ruins beneath Erid's Passing, he magically flew over the walls and the besieging undead, leaving the town to it's fate.