Those Who Rule

Tilden Oshea, Ai’Isteria: An old, wizened Al’Inari who seems to dance along the edge of senility. Has ruled over the Isterian Empire longer than most other Gray elves have been alive. Most citizens of the Empire wonder what sort of longevity magics he uses, while most subjects (ie humans) dread what sort of ruler might replace him.

Balorei Navrim, Evelinar: A middle aged and aggressive Al’Inari, he is considered by all to be the second most politically powerful man in the empire. He has banned all humans not on official business from the borders of Evelinor, forcing them to live in the squalid hovels of Morn Vale. He led the Imperial forces during the Eridani Uprising, and engineered many retributive laws against the humans of the Empire.

Gavin Thellas, Edgewood: The youngest member of the council, he is a vibrant and somewhat brash Al’Inari. Suspects that his father, the previous Councilor of Edgewood, was killed by political foes, and his father foremost opponent was Balorei. Gavin is unfortunately proving easy to manipulate, voting against Balorei almost as a knee-jerk reaction.

Pender Durasin, North Hold: An old, battle-scarred Tulari who has seen more battles and personally killed more orcs, gnolls, giants, ogres, and other beasts than virtually anyone else in the empire. He is also the General of the 2nd Imperial Legion (“The Iron Wall”), and sponsored (along with Tilden) Alan’s entry to the Royal Academy of War in the Caliphate. He respects the young half-elf more than any other member of the council.

Tallen Ehloris, Erid’s Passing: One of Balorei’s staunchest supporters, he fled Erid’s Passing shortly before the town fell to the undead forces of Eridan. He was awarded his title for “valorous actions” performed during the Eridani Uprising, such as razing farming villages and poisoning wells, Balorei after a contentious vote. Now the landless Al’Inari wonders when the council will revoke his title.

Ahr’Dyn Callendi, Bal’Ishtai: A wily Al’Inari merchant prince who literally bought his way onto the council. He feels little loyalty to Tilden or Balorei, instead supporting those votes which either enrich his city or fatten his own purse… not necessarily in that order. He is an important swing vote and he knows it, charging richly for especially crucial votes.

Turandis Turambar, Avelias: A Sindari with seemingly few aspirations, he was chosen by the peoples of his city to take the Council seat left vacant after the death of Giliad DeSharl, the previous councillor, and his family at the talons of Bilestoad the Verdant. Usually neutral to Tilden & Balorei, his votes as of late have favored Balorei, much to the dismay of the liberal city he supposedly represents.

Dendaris Ovric, MornVale: A fervant ally of Balorei, Dendaris rules over the humans banned from Evelinor with sadistic glee. He is an extremely petty Tulari with an extremely broad mean streak. The less spoken of him, the better for all involved.

Menari Vendica, Central Plains: Almost as young as Gavin, Menari is an ally and friend of Tilden, and she is the only druid on the council. She strays somewhat from the classic Al’Inari stereotype of stuffy self-importance, and has been romantically linked to several council members, as well as Sindari Katahr, general of the 10th Legion. She seems to enjoy keeping people guessing, and tends to be the most jovial member of the council (although Pender could give her some competition there), but she is considered wise well beyond her relative youth.