Game Information

Allowable feats: Any from PHB, DMG, Sword & Fist, Defenders of the Faith, Tome & Blood, Song & Silence or Masters of the Wild. Regional feats from FR as listed below. Most allowed from FR EXCEPT the shadow magic feats (no shadow weave in this world, or even a typical weave per se) & Ethran.

Prestige classes: Umm, ask me first!
Region Feats: Every one of the at least semi-major towns in the empire has a set of region feats. These are detailed in the FR book.
Ai'Ilestia (grey elf): Arcane Schooling, Artist, Courteous Magocracy, Education, Smooth Talk, Street Smart
Avelias (wood elf): Bullheaded, Foe Hunter (Gnoll), Forester, Survivor, Treetopper
Bal'Ishtai (high elf/human): Artist, Cosmopolitan, Merchantile Background, Silver Palm, Twin Sword Style
Edgewood (human): Blooded, Foe Hunter (Gnoll), Forester, Luck of Heroes, Strong Soul
Erid's Passing (human): Blooded, Bullheaded, Horse Nomad, Luck of Heroes, Survivor, Thug
Evelinar (grey elf): Arcane Schooling, Foe Hunter (Goblin), Mercantile Background, Smooth Talk, Twin Sword Style
Morn Vale (human): Discipline, Saddleback, Silver Palm, Street Smart, Thug
North Hold (human): Blooded, Discipline, Foe Hunter (Orc), Militia, Mind Over Body
Caliphate (dwarf/gnome/halfling/human): Bloodline of Fire, Cosmopolitan, Education, Saddleback, Twin Sword Style, one feat of choice or Language: Common
Western Isles (human/hengyokai/korobukuru/nezumi/varuna/spirit folk): Arcane Schooling, Magical Training, Silver Palm, Smooth Talk, Snake Blood, one feat of choice or Language: Common
any other questions, just ask me