Brightmoon is a brilliant little gem of a world.  The sun rises and falls, each day, much like earth.  The skies are a deep blue, deepening to a cool indigo every night.  The moon, as you can imagine from the simple name the natives call their world, is very bright, and very large.  The weather tends to be warm, and the seasons mild.  The elven lands, which is where the focus of this campaign is centered, can be considered sub-tropical along the southern coast, and more temperate as you go north.  I'll post a map soon.  The capital of the Al'Inari empire, Ai'Ilestia, is nestled into the southwestern corner of the Western Wall mountain range, surrounding it on three sides by steep, rugged mountains and open into a broad, fertile plain to the northeast.  While it is the heart of the elven Empire, we'll be starting in a somewhat more human tolerant city, the southern port city of Bal'Ishtai. Like I said, I'll post a map.  :)