Recent Events

15th day of month of coming storms, 926 IR (Imperial Reckoning)

Along the Western Wall

Aging orc Warmaster, Tandarr Torgal Uruk, has been slain roughly 4 months past. The new Warmaster of the Western Wall tribes, Orlagg Torgal Uruk, is noted as a highly driven, and unusually forward thinking, orc. The few who have seen him in battle testify that he is truly a formidable battlerager, much like his late father, Tandarr, but also demonstrates the tactical acumen and rigid discipline typical seen in dwarven homeguards or hobgoblin legions. If he can successfully use his momentum & ambitions to subdue the priesthood of the outlander god Gruumsh (who fortunately keep the orcish tribes at each other's throats and drive their believers to self-gratifying acts of savagery), Orlagg could become the most powerful & feared Warmaster seen in generations... elven generations.

Also, in the northern end of the Western Wall mountain range, Granzak Par Krathnak, ancient red wyrm, has shown signs of rousing from its most recent rest. Hopefully these are exaggerations told by frightful peasants anytime a shadow crosses the sun. If Granzak does awaken, it could spell disaster for the port city of Evelinar. The Council has authorized deployment of a full regiment of Storm Knights to investigate, so they are obviously taking the threat seriously.

To our southern shores

Last minute caravan traffic is moving toward the great southern port of Bal'Ishtai before the beginning of the season of storms. With the influx of merchant traffic comes a proportionate influx of banditry and smuggling. Able bodied men and women could make worse coin than signing up as a caravan guard.

Along the northern frontiers

As usual, not much is occurring; however, scouts have reports signs of undead rising at the site of the final battle of the Eridani uprising, now 50 years past. The temple of Am'Dro is considering sending clerics to investigate and put down the threat, if any. Fortunately, the battlesite is far from any elven cities. Humans in nearby villages should be able to fend for themselves until the Council can free up sufficient troops to deal with the possibility of a threat to their lands.

The heart of the Empire

In a very surprising development in our capital of Ai'Ilestia, the Council has voted 5-4 to name Alan Fenduril as the new Storm Lord, commander of the elite Storm Knight battalion. This vote, put forward by Lord Councilor Tilden Oshea, marks the first time a person of impure blood has been placed so high in the military of our Empire. The fact he was voted in despite being of only half elven blood, and also that he is, by default, the youngest being to ever hold the post, speaks volumes about his competence. Councilman Balorei, Lord of Evelinar, threatened to resign if Alan was selected. He has, thus far, retained his post on the Council. Good luck to our new Storm Lord... no doubt the half blood will need it.

There has been a recent rash of assassinations against some of the more prominent lesser nobles and guildmasters in our city. The watch has declared that the streets are still safe to walk at night, and that the obvious human rebels backing these attack against the peace will be found and executed. Despite the watch's word of assurance, visitors to local upscale festhalls, taverns, and related enterprises has dropped of substantially after sundown. However, professional personal security groups have seen their business boom within the past 2 weeks.