Robynalya Desharl
Robynalya Desharl's portrait
Wild Elf
6' 1"
130 lbs
deep green
bronze tan
copper red
long and braided

HATES dragons
Being outdoors, hunting, fishing,
Soft, but curses like a sailor when mad,
Spoken Style
Robynalya is a rather attractive wood elven lass, 6'1" tall, well built at 130 lbs. Her long coppery hair is kept in a long braid, reaching her mid-back. She wears a suit of studded leather armor, custom fitted to her, which is a patchwork of green and brown swatches of leather and painted steel studs. she usually wears leggings over her long legs, and knee high buckskin boots. She wears 4 silver earrings in her left ear, and a thin silver chain connecting 3 rings on her right. Although she is in her 130th year, her geep green eyes are still wide in wonder at the variety of life in the Great Forest she calls home. Her skin, like many other wood elves, is a warm bronze color from years in the sun. Her arms are decorated in blackwork tribal tattoos, extending from the back of her hands up to her neck.
Elven Forest, Edgewood & Avelias
Robynalya (aka Robyn) tends to be quiet about her life. She is the lone surviving heir of a minor elven noble in Avelias. However, most of her family was killed by Bilestoad the Verdant, a rampaging green dragon with a taste for elf flesh, when she was still a child. She quickly dedicated her life to killing the beast and avenging her family's deaths. To this end, she has left her meager family holdings in the care of a trustworthy uncle and has begun training as a ranger, as many of her fellows do. after much training, she and her teachers have decided she needed practical experience, and sent her out into the world. There she went to Edgewood and started taking minor hunting and vermin killing jobs to make ends meet while she honed her skills, until Jearl Hallison put out a call for caravan guards. While he was initially wary of her (he natually distrusts elves after the slaughter of Eridan), he has come to rely upon her skills... plus having a cute elf around is a little easier on the eyes can most of the other guards he hires.

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