The Gods

Aig'en: Lesser Deity: God of the oceans, king of waters, master of the waves, the seeker
Align: CG
Symbol: Cresting wave
Domains: Chaos, Good, Ocean*, Storm, Strength, Water
Aig'en is the god of the waters, twin brother of Fynnyd the Earthlord. He is a jovial god, fond of jests, laughter, wine and companionship. He also has an introspective side, and spends much time in meditation (often after having much to drink), his title of "The Seeker" comes from his continual search for enlightenment (which suffers from frequent lapses in his sobriety). His chosen peoples are rare, and do not often leave their submerged homes. He did help to create humans though, and sent many to islands far to the west of the Empire to live their lives. Most of the people live in fear of the storms caused when Aig'en's temper flares after excessive drink.

Am'Dro: Greater Deity: God of the sky, master of winds, herald of storms, the first paladin
Align: LG
Symbol: Diving Eagle
Domains: Air, Good, Law, Storm*, Sun, War
Am'Dro is the god of the skies, the Prime's second created child. He is the husband of Leuada and father of the elven race, and one the creators of humanity as well, meaning he has a very wide array of worshippers, rivaled perhaps only by his younger brother Fynnyd, god of the earth. He is well regarded as a champion of the downtrodden and is often referred to as the First Paladin.

Aodded: Greater Deity: Goddess of the dead, the lady of death, the inevitable
Align: LN
Symbol: A scythe
Domains: Death, Fate*, Knowledge*, Law, Ocean
Aodded, once known as Brytheth (who was both servant and companion of Aig'en), left her beloved master after she caused the first death of a sentient being in all of Brightmoon. She consigned herself to be come to goddess of death, and the guardian of those who have passed on. Her servants guide the dead to their final destinations. If the deceased was not a follower of the gods, she claims their souls for herself. Those who reside with her keep record of every bit of knowledge that is lost to the mortal world. She also charges her followers to send the undead to their proper rest, as those who seek to escape death are aberrations to the cycle of life and death, and must face their final reward or penance.

Bren: Greater Deity: God of nature, the hand that gives and takes
Align: N
Symbol: A tree
Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant, Protection, Renewal*
Bren is a very humble diety, not one for grand tales of Brightmoon's creation. S/He (Bren is depicted as male at times, female at others) governs nature, and as such, the majority of this god's clergy are actually druids, though a few clerics are found, many in agricultural villages, preaching the virtues of leaving the earth as natural as possible. They care little for the politics of the world, their sole concern is for the land and nature itself.

Bygan: Lesser Diety: God of undeath, the oath-bound, the lord of specters, the undying king
Align: LE
Symbol: Skull superimposed on a serrated sickle
Domains: Evil, Law, Magic, Planning*, Undeath*
Bygan, servant to Melchior because of a poorly worded oath, was the first being to die in all of Brightmoon. He is the lord of the undead, and patron of evil necromancers. He is depicted as a skeletal lich, robed in rich purple robes, his wrists shackled, a black iron crown on his head and a black sickle at his side. Most of his followers are undead or necromancers who are seeking eternal 'life'. Bygan's shrines are often hidden in ancient crypts and tombs. His clergy battles constantly against the church of Aodded for dominion of the souls of the departed.

Croesan: Lesser Deity: Goddess of laughter, lord amongst bards, the laughing thief
Align: CN
Symbol: Laughing mask
Domains: Chaos, Charm*, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Croesan is the goddess of laughter, a master of music and not-quite-constant companion of Aig'en. It was she who first was able to coax mirth from Aig'en after Brytheth left his side to become Aodded, and she spends much of her time keeping him in good spirits. However, she also has an undeniable case of wanderlust and so she leaves him whenever the urge hits her. She is regarded as a patron of non-evil thieves, and as such has earned Melchior's enmity, not as if she cares. Her clergy is also carefree and prone to bouts of larceny, usually followed shortly thereafter by some timely wanderlust.

Danio: Intermediate Deity: God of fire, lord of flame, the purifier
Align: CN
Symbol: Rising Phoenix
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Renewal*, Sun
Born of hatred and jealously, it would have been easy for Danio to succumb to the evil of his father. Instead, he would rise above Melchior's petty ways and become the true "father" of humanity. He is often depicted as a phoenix, composed solely of pure fire, burning away the old and corrupt in order to make way for new life to be born. A tiny spark of his flame is said to burn in the soul of every human, and it is because of this that humans are fated to die so young compared to the longer lived races, but are said to be capable of so much more because of their boundless ambition and drive. All priests of Danio channel positive energy (the fire of the soul), it is said Danio first gave fire to man in order to protect them from Bygan's servants.

Ddraig: Intermediate Deity: Goddess of dragons, mother of wyrms, lady of passions
Align: N
Symbol: A flawless purple gemstone
Domains: Charm*, Luck, Knowledge*, Mentallism*, Scalykind*, Trickery
Ddraig (her real name is unknown), the first living being on Brightmoon, is well known in creation myths for her seduction of most of the gods (though if one reads carefully, one might note it was the gods who left her when their trysts were through), and also as the mother of the draconic races. When she ascended to godhood is unknown, but what is known is that hers is the only faith explicitly outlawed in the Empire, presumably due to the on again/off again battles fought between dragon and elf.

Drais: Lesser Deity: God of violence, the warmaster, the bloody fist
Align: CE
Symbol: Blood covered fist or a crimson gauntlet
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Hatred*, Storm*, Strength, War
No one really knows from where Drais hails, but almost everyone wishes he'd go back. Drais is a violent, bloodthirsty god of wanton violence and destruction. It is hardly a surprise that the orcs of the Western Wall Mountains have embraced his bloody teachings. His clergy battles against a small, but fervent band of clerics of an outland deity named Gruumsh for the hearts of the orcish people. From what people gather of this foreign god, it would only be a slight improvement over Drais' litanies of hate.

Fynnyd: Greater Deity: God of the earth, the earthen lord, king of wealth, the first caliph
Align: LN
Symbol: A Mountain
Domains: Cavern*, Earth, Healing, Law, Nobility*, Protection, Trade*
Fynnyd, twin brother of Aig'en & creator of dwarves and one of the fathers of humanity, boosts one of the largest worshipper bases in the world, rivaled only by that of Am'Dro. He is the lord of the earth, of wealth (since most valuable ores and gems are buried within the earth), and of trade and commerce. He has always been considered the founder & protector of the Caliphate to the south, even if most of the non-Dwarves there tend to view Fynnyd, and the rest of the gods for that matter, as merely facets of The Prime, and as such tend to worship all of the gods as one.

Leuada: Intermediate Deity: Goddess of the moon, the silver lady
Align: NG
Symbol: Crescent moon
Domains: Elves*, Good, Moon*, Protection, Travel
Leuada is the goddess of the moon, and youngest of the gods of the heavens. She is the wife of Am'Dro and mother of the elven race. She has always been depicted as having a close relationship with her chosen people, though none can yet what opinion she has of the Isterian Empire's recent slide toward a harsher, more strongly lawful stance. However, she is concerned about the Empire's recent exile of the Il'Ythyrii (dark elves) for their part in aiding the humans during Eridani uprising.

Melchior: Greater Deity: God of deceit, father of lies, lord of shadows, the discordant
Align: NE
Symbol: A featureless mask
Domains: Darkness*, Evil, Hatred*, Illusion*, Trickery, Tyranny*
Melchior is the eldest of the children of the Prime, and was originally intended to be his helper. However, jealousy over the younger gods, who were given dominion over the elements, turned him into first an agent of disharmony, then later the embodiment of darkness and evil. Melchior's temples tend to be small and hidden, and his priests always conduct their rituals masked. Many thieves and assassins worship the Lord of Shadows. The good deities, as well as Aodded constantly oppose Melchior's goals on Brightmoon.

Serenon: Greater Deity: Goddess of the stars, mistress of magic, the first seer
Align: N
Symbol: 7 pointed star
Domains: Divination*, Magic, Rune*, Spell*, Travel
Serenon is the 2nd god of the heavens, and she was given the dominion over the movements of the stars. Through interpretations of the movements and patterns of the stars, the mortal races learned to chart the passing of time, as well as how to divine the future. Serenon taught the mortals magic at her whim, and has since been content to watch over the world. Her clerics tend to gather in monasteries far from civilization, emulating the distance their goddess keeps from the rest of creation.


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